Photo Gallery: New Heinz Guderian Figure from DID/3R

One of the great things about DID and 3R is their general tendency to innovate, improve, and push the boundaries on their figures. So, when 3R revisits a subject like its new Heinz Guderian 1/6 Collectible Figure, you can reasonably expect a marked improvement over the original. Well, 3R does not disappoint here.

Check out the new Generalfeldmarshal Heinz Guderian figure at Timewalker Toys, and see the full photo gallery below.



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DiD/3R follow up the successful Keitel 1/6 figure with another historical character: Jakob Grimminger. A party member since 1922 and member of the SA and SS, Grimminger was the honorary bearer of the Blutfahne. This flag, rendered here in 1/6 scale, was spattered with blood during the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, 1923. Learn more about Grimminger at wikipedia.

Grimminger was a very highly decorated officer in the SS. He bore some of the most elite decorations the party had to offer, including the Medal of the Blood order and the Coburg badge. The WWII in Color entry on Grimminger has some excellent commentary on his medals and decorations.

New figure announcement: 3R Wilhelm Keitel

Check the latest from 3R: WWII German Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel. Keitel comes with a realistic head sculpt and two uniform sets! Check out photos in the gallery below!

New from 3R: Leon – 1/6 SS Ceremonial Bugler/Drummer

3R’s newest WWII sixth scale figure is an SS Ceremonial Unit Bugle and SS Snare Drummer. Pre-order Leon now at Timewalker Toys!

This highly detailed, historically accurate 1/6 figure features a beautiful metal bugle, a snare drum with drum sticks, swallow’s nests signifying a member of the musician’s corps, decorative flags, army cap and a new style body with three pairs of hands.

Figure in Focus: 3R’s Herbert Otto Gille

Herbert Otto Gille One-Sixth Scale Figure by 3R3R’s Herbert Otto Gille 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure is available for pre-order now at Place your pre-order today for a 5% discount!

The new 3R Herbert Otto Gille one sixth scale figure  features a lifelike sculpt, standard officer uniform, two overcoats, and his signature twisted wooden cane.

About Herbert Otto Gille
Herbert Otto Gille (1897-1966) was a German general in the Waffen SS during World War Two. As commander of the Wiking Division on the Eastern front, he achieved victories in the face of overwhelming Soviet forces.


Herbert Otto Gille Portrait - Wikipedia

Herbert Otto Gille, 1897-1966

Gille was the most highly decorated Waffen SS member in World War II, and ultimately earned the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves, Swords and Diamonds, and the German Cross in Gold.  Before the end of the war he achieved the rank of SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen SS, the highest achievable rank below Reichsfuhrer-SS (until the creation of SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer in 1944).

During World War II, he was an extremely successful commander, leading the Wiking Division on the eastern front against overwhelming Soviet forces until the fall of Berlin in 1945.

Though he joined the Nazi Party and the SS in 1931, he was widely considered by his peers and subordinates to be a-political, and was often referred to as nur-Soldat (only a soldier). A popular story about Gille has him threatening a political indoctrination officer with a disrobing squad, saying a brownshirt has no place in an artillery regiment.

See the wikipedia article on Gille.

Read about Gille’s battles in Knight’s Cross With Diamonds Recipients: 1941-45  By Gordon Williamson, Ramiro Bujeiro

Before the Second World War
Gille was born in Gandersheim (upper central Germany) in 1897 to a factory owner. He attended cadet school and became an Ensign at the age of 17. During the First World War he served as a Leutnaut in an artillery unit, and exited the war as a decorated officer, earning both the Iron Cross First  and Second class. After the war he had an unsuccessful civilian career in agriculture and insurance sales. During this time he became a member of the  Stahlhelm, a paramilitary veterans organization formed in December 1918. In the early 1930s he joined the NSDAP and Himmler’s SS organization.

See this AxisHistory post for uncited information (in French) on his early years. Also, reported text from his diaries that talks about his exit from WWI.

An article in German with a short biography.

His tenure with Himmler’s nascent police forces was rocky, and he was fired twice before finding his place in the military wing. Gille “… was judged by his superior officer [in the SS] Jeckeln as ‘unsuitable for  a leading role in the higher echelons’.”

Read about his beginnings in the Waffen SS at Heinrich Himmler: A Life – Peter Longerich – Google Books.

After World War II
After the war, Gille spent 18 months in military captivity. In later life, he opened a bookshop and published a newsletter for veterans of the Wiking Division. He died of a heart attack in 1966.


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