Take a photo tour of Timewalker’s new showroom!

Here’s a quick walking tour of our new showroom for all of you who can’t make it to Kansas City right away. We’re adding inventory every day, and we’ll have more and more of the latest releases on display as we get established. We will post our store hours soon.

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Timewalker Toys & Collectibles
9349 West 87th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212

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See you there!

Pre-orders for regular version of Death Trooper Specialist begin September 30, 2016.

Today the first Hot Toys Rogue One 1/6 scale figure was announced for pre-order: the Death Trooper Specialist. At the moment, only the exclusive versions of these times are available for pre-order. A version of each item will become available for general pre-order on September 30, 2016.

Timewalker Toys will begin taking orders on the regular version of the 1/6 scale and premium format Rogue One Death Trooper Specialist on September 30, 2016.

Thank you for your continuing support of Timewalker Toys and Collectibles!


Where did we get those display cases?

Commercial Retail Display Case Ikea Hack

We’ve received many compliments on the rolling display cases in the new showroom, and inquiries about how we found them. Because it’s a small space, we knew we wanted full glass, and we wanted them on wheels for easier cleaning and moving. We also wanted them to be tall, to bring more figures to eye level.

We looked at many sources for common retail furniture, but were on a budget. Ultimately, we found that Ikea had exactly what we needed for less than $100 each, assembled.

Here’s how we built them.

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Website Change: Removing Guest Checkout

Since we moved to our new shopping cart in 2013, you have had the ability to check out anonymously without logging into your account with Timewalker Toys. Doing this means orders are not tied to your previous order history.

This causes confusion for our customers trying to track their orders, and for us trying to administer them. It has become such an issue that we need to address it.

So, we have decided to disable the anonymous checkout function beginning August 1, 2015.

We understand that some of you use this function deliberately and consistently, and we would like to hear your feedback before we make the change.

Please send us your comments via comment on this blog, or email, or call (913) 596-9929 to discuss your needs.

It is our desire to provide all of our customers with the best possible ordering experience, and we believe this change is the best option for all of us.

Thank you for your continuing support of Timewalker Toys.

Margaret Allen

New showroom hours at Timewalker Toys.

Planning a trip to Timewalker Toys? Here are our new hours. We will stick with these until the Christmas season starts.

Tuesday-Friday, 12 noon to 8 pm
Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday, closed
Monday, by appointment only
(Hours edited 7/17/2015)

These hours are for the showroom – on Mondays, we will continue to ship and be available for service by the phone and email for web-based business. If you are coming in from out of town, give us a call to set up an appointment for off-hours.

See you soon!

Timewalker Toys & Collectibles
9349 West 87th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212

Timewalker Toys showroom opening June 1.


Our new showroom is opening at 9349 West 87th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. We will have figures on display out of the box, an extensive inventory of boxed figures and accessories – both new releases and back-list items – and a selection of parts and accessories.

See you there!

A note from Steve: shipping volume and slow response

Webster’s Dictionary describes the word “bonkers” as an informal or slang adjective meaning crazy. It goes on to suggest the following synonyms: batty, buggy, crackers, daft, dotty, haywire, kooky, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, wacky, barmy, nutty, and cracked. All of these words aptly describe the current situation in the 1/6th scale industry and the consequent effect this situation is having on how Timewalker Toys & Collectibles is conducting business at the present time.

Simply put, we have been overwhelmed, and we need our valued customers to understand why. Continue reading

Timewalker’s Top 1/6 Scale Figures of 2014


The List: Best One-Sixth Figures of 2014

The very selective “Best 1/6 Figures of 2014” list below is the product of much entertaining holiday discussion as we wrap up our year. Which figures surprised us? Which show true innovation and mastery of execution? Which led us to spend hours online researching back-story? Which are we clearing space on the shelves for? And most importantly, which received the strongest response from you, our customers?

Here’s our list, narrowed down to six, and those in no particular order, with runners-up in the same theme. We decided to intermix figures that have landed and current pre-orders to give a better picture of the year. If you feel we shorted a figure or need to reconsider, make your argument in the comments.

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